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Elgato EyeTV 250 Plus Digital TV Recorder

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Deskripsi Produk

EyeTV 250 Plus is a hybrid TV tuner for the Mac with a powerful hardware encoder for higher-quality recordings and smaller- sized video files. EyeTV 250 Plus receives both free over-the-air HDTV as well as analog TV, and offers a complete solution for moving your video collection from VHS tape to DVD-Video.

Watch live TV on your Mac
Pause the TV show while you get a snack, rewind and watch that great play again, or fast forward past the advertisements. Scale the TV window down so you can watch TV while you surf the web, or go "Full Screen" and channel surf from the couch using an EyeTV or Apple Remote.

Organize channels
EyeTV provides detailed information about each television channel. Drag and drop the ones you watch most frequently into a "favorites" list, or go a step further and organize your sports, news, or movie channels into their own lists.

Record your favorite shows
Hit the record button now or cruise through the Program Guide and pick the shows you want to record up to two weeks in advance. You can even set up recordings over the Internet while you're away from home (tvtv/TitanTV/IceTV account required). Fans of radio programming, take note: EyeTV also enables you to record and edit DVB radio.

Watch TV on your Mac
Rewind, fast forward, and pause live HDTV
Browse EyeTV menus in Full Screen mode with an Apple Remote
Record hours of your favorite TV shows directly on your hard drive and edit out unwanted content
Find TV shows and schedule recordings using the built-in Program Guide from TitanTV (in the U.S.)
Export clips and entire episodes to your video-capable iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone
Store your collection on an external drive, or burn it to disc using Roxio Toast 8 Basic (included)
Convert old videotapes to digital files using the VHS Assistant
Enjoy progressive scan for excellent picture quality and Dolby Digital

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